Thursday, February 28, 2008
Who Got Skullie??????

My Prize Giving Cupcake!!!
Thank you to all the great Scrappers who left
me beautiful comments on my blog and website
about my new acrylic stamps!!!


Who will it be?
Shake Shake Shake
Wish there was lollies in my

cupcake as well!!

Ohh the excitement!!!


Becca you are our winner!!!
Please get in contact with me
so I can post him to you!!!!

Keep Coming back to see
another great Character
given away soon!!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Thursday, February 28, 2008   2 comments
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hi Guys good to see u
Today I wanted to do something different
My cute !!!..well I find him cute
Very simple just leave a comment on my
blog WHY? you would like skullie
acrylic stamp for yourself ?and
why you love my stamps?
...and your name !!
And check out my website !!!

posted by Angie Delarie @ Tuesday, February 26, 2008   10 comments
Sunday, February 24, 2008
Monday Morning ?
Woke up today with a little boy who has stomache pains ..
My POOR little thing on the couch all day for him!!!
Not good because both me and Jessica the teacher were
both not at school today !!! Poor kindy kids!!!
Two relief teachers...
Anyway can do some drawing !! Well try ..
Got some new stamps coming out very soon!!!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Sunday, February 24, 2008   1 comments
Friday, February 22, 2008
5th Anniversary
Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary ..
And woke up to Aaron decieding to get Tattoo's ..
Something I hadn't thought of doing at that particular moment!!
So we adventured to Scarborough Beach Tattoo studio
And I got a Symbol "eternity" put on my ankle
Aaron got all our initials put on this inner arm
Funny enough both Aaron and me are AD initials
And the Kids are both JD so he put ADJD
Which is also on my cars number plates ..
Doing my layout now of the day !!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Friday, February 22, 2008   2 comments
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

Well what a great day !!
Woke up to my husband cooking me bacon and
eggs at 5:30am
Before he had to adventure to work !!
How sweet was that !!
So I'd thought I'd return the favour and cook him
his favourite Tea..Lasanga and Chocolate self sauce pudding
Here are some snaps of the desert !!
Pretty nifty I thought ?
He loved it ...that was the whole Idea?
Although some people don't get that ..
At his work the boys had done nothing for their partners ..
And they reckon it just was another day ?
One had picked roses out of his garden !!!
And put it into a vase and had been waiting
for a phone call all day from her?
Arhhh how easy was that roses out of the garden ..
he does this all the time ..
So she thought nothing off it ..No suprise there?
Luckily I have a guy who takes some time out to
think about something romantic to do for me
and I'm sooo grateful !!!!!
He even took time to write a card each to our
kids and I gave them the heart candy ..
soo love you !!!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Thursday, February 14, 2008   2 comments
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Special Guest Designers

Just a couple of great scrappers, who are
going to be designing some LO's for me !!!
With my stamps !!! Emily and Amy ...
posted by Angie Delarie @ Tuesday, February 12, 2008   0 comments
Thursday, February 7, 2008
Fly To ME!!!

They arrived today !!!
They are small ..but are sooo cute.
Love the robot .so have a fetish for Robots right now!!
They have a little story about each one .
The little skeleton is "Skullgnome "
And scares children off from the grave yard at night time !!
Love the drawings!!!
Go check them out
posted by Angie Delarie @ Thursday, February 07, 2008   1 comments
Sunday, February 3, 2008
Back To School!!
Back to school tommorow ..even for me as well!!
I work in kindy and although i do like it ... 8 weeks off
,makes u want to stay home forever..and ever..
My kids arrived home this evening been at the block

in toojay for 4 days .. For Pop's 60th birthday ..
Happy Birthday" Pop Corn " that's their nick name for him .
We all made him a country music Cd for him ...

with the older music .Kenny Rogers and John Williamson etc ..
Sooo not ready for tommorow !!

But I will update how my day went and what the little
kiddies were like? ...Ohhh the TEARS!! My heart just sinks
as much as the mums I think?
Done some more LO's which are on my website ..

posted by Angie Delarie @ Sunday, February 03, 2008   2 comments
Friday, February 1, 2008
Going to be soo beautiful!!!

Can't wait for these beauties to arrive ..
So love these kits!!!
They are the best ..
So different so me!!!

posted by Angie Delarie @ Friday, February 01, 2008   1 comments
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