Saturday, August 30, 2008
Sunday Update >

Well it has been a very busy weekend ..
Jake yesterday got his medal for playing footy for the season!!
Aaron made a cheesecake >>Yummy!! with dirrections from me of course( step by step)
Made a layout last night ..cute!!
And also been blogging some cute gifts on etsy ..Go check them out Paintings and jenniferladd, Bibs and burp..and booties
So here are some above that i find adorable right now !!
Going today well soon... to Murdoch University here in Perth! to enrol to do my
Bachelor of teaching for 3 years !!
Yahhh becoming a real teacher than a Teachers Assistant( personal joke to all TA's)
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Sending Love Michelle's Way !!!

I recieved this is the mail Yesterday > Wow !! I was blown away!!!
This lady is amazing and i always love everything that she does!!
For starters michelle held it for a while for me to buy of her ( so grateful)...
And she is fast at posting it straight to you !!
She has the most adorable monsters that u just want to eat !!
And there is a New Monster called Lola... she is charlies girlfriend
And she is just as sweet as Charlie ..Will be getting my hands on her
Please go send her some love and check her out here
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Tuesday Night Blog!!

Well i was going to write i hate mondays but i have just realised its tuesday
Even better !!! Yahhh
I would like to thanks Roberta ..Not only has she got me into Pinky Street Dolls
(which by the way ,are so cool)
But I think im getting obsessed with them
Here is my pin-up board, Of my hit list of girls ive ordered
and there is more to come!! And my computer screen right now is??
You guessed it a Pinky doll!!
But im using them to good use ,as im doing a photography course with the kids
at school. And we will use them for our subjects!!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Night Show..
Thought id show 2 layouts with them >>
Thanks to all the girls for there great comments about them
Already !!!Go check them out if u havnt Yet >> etsy down side
Hope u had a great weekend !!
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Friday, August 22, 2008
Etsy Update

New Tags ...Yes i said NEW TAGS !!!
I have adventured into Hand Drawn ..Acid Free TAGS!!!
They are unique of course ..this is me ur talking about!!
They are Black and white a few customers wanted to colour
them in themselves to match their page .
Which i thought was a great Idea.
The design team girls are getting them very soon>
Cant wait to see what they come up with???

Go Have a look at the Shop on the side Link !!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi there guys im much better and the flu gone >>>Yahh

We still have a SALE at my SHOP

Not for much longer so get in fast >> grab a stampie !!!
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A few years back >> as we always do ..we went on a car cruise!!
I loved these times when u got out there with ur loud off its head car and ride it
on the road..We were nearly at the finish when COPS pulled us over ..
And tried the bust us for something we didnt do!!!..
We tried reasoning with them but got told to go home!!

Which was a blessing in disguise because nearly all our group didnt have
a slip ..or permission to even be on the street for the event>>
So we were counting our lucky stars ...
We are the Blue torana..
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What the???

This picture always amazes me ..its actually in a sequence ..but the way they do this is just gob smacking !!!
I go my little spacegirl elsie made for me ..but it got brocken on the way here!!
I was soo sad > But ive spent hours on her and finally fixed her !!Yahhh...
Im at home sick once again>> where do these flue's come from ???
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Thursday, August 7, 2008
Im Baaaccckkkk!!!!
I had a interesting day today my permancy in for school
Only to find it wasnt back dated to when it should of been!!
Soo annoying ..been in this job for 3 years !!!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
August ....Ohh my god where has this year gone too!!!
Hi Guys long time no talking !!
Im sooo sorry my computer is on the blink and still at the shop
So while im at work ..thought id get on quickly and say HI!!!
Was getting my groove on and blogging more frequently ...
Now that has gone down the loo...toilet ..
Started scrapbooking with years 4 to 7 today
Soo much fun ..they did some great layouts for beginners..
Will show soon ...And happy Birthday to my sister who turned the BIG 30
Ur over the hill now sis ..hehehe
Im giving away my prize very soon ( Havnt forgotten Girls )
And if u havnt seen some of there fantastic layouts go check them out
Just been soo busy ..and that dame laptop>>
Feels like im missing another part of me !!
I have still been a very busy girl and have been up to some suprise
projects ..Which are comming soon ...keep a eye out !!!
Hope u all had a great day ..
Back to work for me ...
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