Friday, May 30, 2008
Watch out for the Lightning and The THUNDER!!!
Right now here in perth >> We have noo rain yet !!!
But its overcast and the lightning and the thunder >>Help!!!!
Its actually scarring me >>> Im Krineging every time
Need skullie to protect me >>>
What is it like at your part of the world
right now???

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Saturday, May 24, 2008
Scratch and Sniff??

Ok I soo have soo many great memories of those Stickers
that u scratch ..sniff and whaaaalllllaaaa
You get that smell of chocolate ..lemon etc
Yahh >>>
Arnt they soo cute !!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Saturday, May 24, 2008   3 comments
Stripes Here!!!
Give away here on christine's blog

Go check it out >>>
posted by Angie Delarie @ Saturday, May 24, 2008   2 comments
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Secrets Secrets Secrets !!!!
Ok I know I have been saying I have a lot of secrets going on
And I have ??? I still cant say anything about them !!!
But they are good >> And Im sooo happy ..about each one of them
Yes they are growing !!!

One of my OWN SECRET is getting made up right now as I speak !!
Its different and kind of quirky >> Which is soo me ..UNIQUE
But you are going to LOVE IT!!!

Soo stay tunned and watch this space and also my website
Soooo excited!!!
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Saturday, May 17, 2008
I turned RED in anticipation !!!
Thanks to all the great comments left
There was some beauties!!!!!
But there can only be one Winner

Drum Roll here she is


Please send me ur details on Sis...

And Mr Toastie and Miss Mushy are on there way!!

Thanks for everyone leaving messages

But please come again soon!!! Luv the Love!!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
RAK for 2000 Hits on my Website !!!
Im so excited that so many great scrappers
have looked and bought my unique stamps
from my website !!!
This week alone I have sold the most ever,
to some wonderful people ...who are leaving
amazing comments about them !!!
To celebrate this I'm giving away a


Our New Stamp
Miss Mushy and Mr Toastie
Ok Just leave a message ...
What warms you up during winter??
And when we hit over 2000

I'll pick the Lucky winner
Good Luck!!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Tuesday, May 13, 2008   34 comments
Saturday, May 10, 2008
What's Ur Favourite Colour????
Loved doing this Layout !!! And I sooo love Clinkers !!
What colour is next is like a present or a suprise ..
Keeps You Guessing right up to the end!!!!
posted by Angie Delarie @ Saturday, May 10, 2008   2 comments
Thursday, May 8, 2008
I've got a secret ???
But I can't tell yet >>>>>
But it is HUGE....
And it has to do with my stamps
posted by Angie Delarie @ Thursday, May 08, 2008   2 comments
Sunday, May 4, 2008
Finally got to do some scrapping !!!!
I got my little owl from Bekka ..How cute is he????? Thanks soo much bekka
>>> Sooo glad I won it!!! Yahhhh
Now stamps are at Scrap it Flaunt it > Armadale ...Here they are on the shelf..
And also here are two gorgeous girls that made me laugh the other night at scrapbooking!!
Remind me a bit of the veronica's??? What do u think????
And this cute card made with my little cheeky Monkey stamp !!! How adorable is this !!!
Chloe's mum made it >>> Think her name was jenny??
Sorry.... gotta go check that one out, for the website!!!

posted by Angie Delarie @ Sunday, May 04, 2008   3 comments
Thursday, May 1, 2008

These cute little Cow Stamps are going to be down

at Kareena's Scrapbooking Shop

"The Scrappy Cow" down in Margaret River >>>

Arn't they sooo adorable !!!

I drew this on her box that she was coming to pick up from SFTH ( took two seconds)>>>

And she loved them soo much that she inquired about getting it done into a stamp!!

And whaalllllaaaa!!! too cute

Che Bello >>> See Roberta Im Learning????

posted by Angie Delarie @ Thursday, May 01, 2008   5 comments
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