Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi everyone
Been a relaxing day today, except when jess left her lunch at home. So had to toodle of home and rescue it!!!!Finished off a layout in a day?
I was quiet suprised myself. Usually takes me all week to finish one off.
So nearly fell of my perch....
Goodnight Ang
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Saturday, May 26, 2007
Saturday 26th May

Well the week just flew past!!!!!
Actually May's nearly flown by already...
Last night we had Mad Hatters Friday Frenzy Scrapbooking night at SFTH in canningvale.
Had a few freebies to give away. And tea cup BINGO!!!
And also raise money for Cancer Foundation..All for a good cause.
Since my dad died of cancer, I believe we should do everything we can for finding a cure...
So the girls had to wear a fancy hat!!! A few got into the spirit...Which we love to see!
And you can see it here with these pictures!!!!!!!!!!.
Nighty Nite

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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Thursday 24th may

Hi everyone
Today was a great day
Went to the printers to organize business layouts for the new and to be released acrylic stamps packages. Soon to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Done the designs and logo myself....this was alot of fun..
Watch out for these stamps and the crown used on my profile photo above, this is in my logo !!!!
On the weekend we had mums 55th birthday party
It was pretty good to see everyone and our family together!!!!!!!!
picture's above.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Wednesday 23rd of May 2007
Hi there !
This is my first entry at blogger and are a bit rusty. But bare with me , it will soon come back to me as soon as the finger's start working again......
Today was a interesting day I work at kindy " A kindy class like no other ".
Not bad kiddy's this year.
The flu!!!! I think all the kids have got it?
So Im getting seriously exhausted. Hopefully not the flu!!!
Just life right now..
Anyway trying to set up this site..
Bare with me it will take a while. Maybe a couple of weeks...
I would love to put my scrapbooking pages on it and photo's.
So it should be great once I finish....
Im a teacher's Assistant.
I work at Scrapbooks from the heart in canningvale on Fridays and Friday Frenzy's
nights. Will write soon ang.....
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