Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Past and Present Catch Up With You!!!

Went to work the other day to find a note from the past..
I went to St Hilda's school and was a border there..
If u dont know what that is ?
We lived at the school for 5 years.
Anyway Hannah who also was a border in my year
She saw my picture in the shop ...Small World
Everything is connected in one way or another!!!
This is a picture of Hannah and her new family...
She got married in margaret River last month..
And our old priest Father Prescott married them..

She looks gorgeous as usual!!!
Photo's done by
Also another girl I went to St Hilda's with.
Have a look at her web site, she's pretty good!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Layouts In Magazines....

Well I find it sooo hard to work out what kind of layouts they want in there mags?
I'm different unique and just obviously me !!!
Isn't that's what scrapping is all about ... NEVER got one LOL in mag!!
Anyway who's complaining not me....? Just plain give up now!!!
This is another layout I've just done....
Watch out MR T !!! Here comes my hubby...
We had fun on the clippers the other night!!
And gave him a mo-hawk ..Love my babe!!!
Love and Skulls
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Mid Week

  1. Been a very busy few days!!!
    You know when things start getting on top of u.
    Like when I went to the shops today to find some new shoes for the kids.
    Because they seem to eat them lately...
    To find my boy has a hole in one sock!!! ,
    while the lady tries the new shoe on for size!!!!
    How embarrassing!!!!
    Doesn't matter how many clean socks are in that draw
    he goes for the same pair every time...
    What is that about?
    So thought its about time the socks belongs in the BIN!!!!!
    Only to find them done a walk about, by there own, back to his room!!!
    How cheeky is that!!
    Maybe I'm destroying true love here? not..
    Nighty Nite

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Sunday, June 10, 2007
Where did this week go?
Where did it go?....
Just went too darn fast. Cleaning the house all day.
Can't wait we are getting our new kitchen soon.
Thank god !!!!! Our one now has no bench tops...just a filler in till we
got the real thing. Although still driving me bonkers...
So will update this great and exciting event in our household..soon!!.
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Sunday, June 3, 2007
What Can Do A Burnout?

One question u do not ask the boys!!!
Because this is the reaction u get from a little or maybe a lot of alcohol.
Must admit it was a preeetttyy funny night.!!!!!!
Long weekend is gone!!
I'm sooo stuck in a coke a cola rut right now!!
People that know me, know I'm addicted to the drink.
Ive gotta try something different to get me awayyy from it !!!
Brewing up some layouts this weekend a Total of 4 pages....
Let me just gain myself for a second as I just fell of the chair!!!
Awesome amount for me !!
Don't know the last time I was so excited,
My web page has had 85 hits in one weekend?
Nighty Nite Ang.....
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Saturday, June 2, 2007
Today I sat down and did some scrapbooking .
(Like I said)
and it actually happened.
As well as a few other normal events in one's life during the day.
Cleanning, Shopping and a Beer run for hubby!!!And pink layout down on right side.
You might think all day for that!!! But Im a doodler (some people might think over kill)
So what you see is all my drawing over it. Relaxing to me !!!!
And also layout!!! Of my friend Andrea. And of course us being stupid!! down on right side as well.

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Friday, June 1, 2007
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