Saturday, July 26, 2008
Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I had a great day ..was defently spoilted!!
A nice tea made by my hubby ..creamy garlic prawns and rice Yummy!!!
And a day of shopping and lunch ..
Cheesecake shop cakes soo yummy! and uggy boots and boots and perfume
And i was very spoilt ...sooo very lucky girl !!
Will do the competition very soon ...keep tunned
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Come Celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!

Its my birthday month and im having a great sale on prices of my stamps
go check them out

Keep checking back for other suprises!!!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008
Hi Guys
Sorry i havnt posted for a few weeks ..
ive got one of those great buggies that get into ur computer and stuff everything up!
So i dont have long to to type because my computer has a great time frame
No time to do anything
Keep those entries coming in though >>> Competition
If u dont know about this yet
Check out the blog
chat soon
Love and Skullies
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Its Charins Birthday today So i would love everyone to go to her blog and give her heaps of birthday wishes ..
She has been on my design team for a short while ..
But she is the most adorablist person and she has a heart of gold
Many birthday wishes Sweetie ..>> Party like a Rock Star!!!!
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Saturday, July 5, 2008
Cant Believe its July >>>>>
Wow where has this year gone ???
It blows me away that it is already half way through 2008}
Ive been busy drawing New Designs and Right now i can officially say Im on school holidays !!! Yahh .. Although its my first day and we have already been to the doctors with Jake >> His cough has got into his chest now !!! my poor guy>>
Got soo many little projects happening lately ...
But I cant tell about any yet???
That was just a little tease to stay tunned with !!
Imm soo excited>> and probally will bust soon.
Go check out my site down the right side
To see who the July Guest Designer is >>??????
Will chat soon...
Love and Skullies

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Thursday, July 3, 2008
Ive Been TAGGED!!!
Ive been tagged by my fellow work college Jane at SFTH..
So here goes ...A bit about me !!

What Happening 10 years ago???Okay I was Pregnant with my 2nd child and living in Langford.
Aaron only wanted one child soo it was a bit of a shock !!
I loved it though !! No day sickness so I knew it was a boy!!!

Name 5 things to do today ?
Take the kids to school
Take dvd's back to video shop
Do a outline of a art program for school
Find storage boxes
Pack a tea for my husband on nightshift

Snacks i enjoy?
Ive got really bad urges of a sweet and savoury tooth.
Chocolate, lollies, Chips, etc

Things I'd do if i were a millionaire?
Pay off the morgage ...
Build a kit home on our block in the Bush!!!
Buy a few drag cars ..
Expand my business>>>
They are just a few !!!

Places I have Lived?
Beverley, Mosman Park, Carlisle, Langford, Cannington
Willeton, Gosnells, South Perth, Wembley, Vic Park, Armadale

Now I have to tag 5 people ...Yahhh !!!
Thanks Jane
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Ive had a very busy day today
Last day of term 2 is very busy!!
And everything needs to be cleanned and packed away
So i have just come home and crashed on the couch>>
But i have two weeks holiday now who's complaining??
I hope u are having a great week >>
Remember the competition Layout is due in around three weeks
Be in it to win it !!!
Go check out my design team girls

posted by Angie Delarie @ Wednesday, July 02, 2008   2 comments
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